Day 3 – More Snow

His words:

“It’s ******* cold. I would’ve died without that liner last night but I was still cold. Started at 5:15 am and the snow has been knee high off and on all day. Super windy. I’ve made it 12 miles so far, but sitting at Low Gap Shelter trying to warm up and eat lunch…”

Low Gap Location: 34°46’36.7″N 83°49’29.5″W

“I got my sleeping pad and bag pulled out. My socks are all wet and all frozen. I’m trying to dry a pair now that’s wrapped around my waist as I lay here. I legit thought I was gunna get frost bite on my feet and hands. If this weather is supposed to continue I need to stay here for the night to dry my stuff as best as I can and then make a 2 day 26 mile push to Dicks creek gap…. it’s so cold up here that I’m having trouble generating enough heat while trying not to get frost bite”

So there you have it.. Day 3.