Day 8 – Albert Mountain

For those who have had to climb this beast, myself included, you know this isn’t an easy task. Add ice/sleet/snow to the mix and you have a particularly hard day ahead of you. Jeb was able to make it from Standing Indian Shelter to Long Branch Shelter for a total of 16.2 miles today. ┬áHe’s currently at mile 102.5 of the AT.

From Betty Creek Gap at 4,300 ft elevation to Albert Mountain at 5,250 ft elevation is a little over 3.4 miles. However, that last little 0.3 mile push is where you get over 460 ft elevation gain (1.5x the length of a football field roughly). Anyway, it’s pretty much rock climbing at this point.

When you get to the top, it’s worth it. This is a picture I took at the top of Albert Mountain in August 2012. Maybe he will send me a snow covered picture soon.

albert mountain