Day 7 – Happy Valentine’s Day

After a hot (and rather large) breakfast at Shoney’s in Franklin, NC, we headed back to Dick’s Creek Gap (mile 69.6 from Springer). The temperature was around 23 degrees when we dropped him off. He was all smiles with his full stomach and extra cold gear.

Yes, that's a smile. Dick's Creek Gap (69.6 mi from Springer)
Yes, that’s a smile.
Dick’s Creek Gap (69.6 mi from Springer)

Around 2:00 pm he sent these two photos of the still snow covered mountains with more snow on the way possibly tonight and tomorrow.


GA/NC line (78.5 mi from Springer)
GA/NC line (78.5 mi from Springer)

He reported the temperature was in the teens above 4,000 feet. He passed Muscrat Creek Shelter and was pushing ahead to make it to Standing Indian Shelter (86.3 mi from Springer) by the end of the day to make a decent 16.7 mile day.

Hopefully, the worst of this upcoming weather will miss him. He’s right in the western corner of NC, slightly north of GA.